How to keep Strep Throat go from Person to Person

is caused by bacteria known as group B streptococcus, although there may be other causes of strep throat as well, including C and G streptococci As key strep throat, it can easily be passed from person to person through a variety of measures.

A person may cough and can cause bacteria to spit from the mouth, landing on a surface or on someone else. Bacteria can be on the hands of someone who has strep throat so he could be placed on doorknobs or other surfaces that the person put their hands on. Sharing straws or drinks and foods in general can contribute to the cause of strep throat and can spread the infection from person to person. Once he gets on the other person, he can get into their mouth and can cause infection of the tonsils as strep throat.

There are many ways to prevent the bacteria to pass from person to person. You should always cover your mouth when you cough, even if you are not sick. Time of infection is most easily transmitted from person to person when the infection has not even shown. So it is feasible you could be sick and not know that you sent to someone else.

The same is true of sharing straws or drinks with others. While it is sometimes convenient to share food and drinks with others, you can really pass on infection to another person. If you share a drink with someone, use two different straws and keep them separate.

You should disinfect surfaces that many people come into contact with. This includes door handles, especially door knobs bathroom, the bathroom cabinets, toilet cover and toilet handle. Make sure you use a disinfectant that kills real 99 percent of all germs on surfaces.

You can use the sanitizer you put on your hands after contact with a sick or before coming into contact with someone, if you are the person sick. Pocket bottles of disinfectant can be put into a pocket or placed in convenient locations to keep germs from spreading from person to person.

Wash your hands frequently if you or someone in your household has a strep throat infection or similar. This means you do not just wash their hands after using the toilet. Wash your hands every few hours and each time you come into close contact with someone who has strep throat.

Do not kiss someone who has strep throat, because facial skin is loaded with bacteria and embrace the person, even on the front can spread bacteria in your mouth and contribute to bacterial infection.

Not everyone strep throat if they come into contact with someone who has it. Those who do not have tonsils may get no infection at all because strep throat is primarily an infection of the tonsils.

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