Why I have sore feet – Where is my Foot Coming From?

can be caused by a variety of ailments depending on your lifestyle and type of care you take of your feet. Take care of your feet also includes shoes you wear well-fitting and has some kind of support. Unfortunately, some of the “comfortable shoes” are more often the culprits to make your feet hurt.

High-heeled shoes as too narrow in the toes can crush your metatarsal bones together and create problems. Sandals and other footwear flat boots as slippers and sheepskin can cause your feet flat after time, because your feet are adaptive. They will, over time, mold themselves in the position you put them. Flats surface can lead to flat feet.

Here is a list of some of the most common things that can hurt your feet, and how arch supports can help.

& Nerve problems metatarsal

Metatarsal problems occur when the foot is too absorbing shock waves created by the body during walking and when the body is out of proper alignment. Nerves can be pinched and then becomes inflamed because the body tries to compensate. Support arch supports foot, lift the roof and keep it in an ideal position to walk.


Onions are the bump on the side of the big toe is usually an inflated bag bursitis or bone deformity growing out of the ball-joint. Arch supports help support the foot and allow the toes to spread naturally, which can ease the pain of onions.


Hammertoes are the result of an imbalance of the foot. Toes trying to overcompensate for the lack of balance and grip the ground to balance the body. Toes, and then develop a bend of the second joint making art look like a hammer. Arch supports hold the feet in their natural position, the dispersion of your body weight properly, which allows toes to spread naturally and relax.


Neuromas in the foot refer to thickening of the nerves between the third and fourth fingers. Pain tingling, numbness and strong were reported by patients. Women often complain of these because of their high heels compression of the metatarsals (toes).

Pronation & supination

Pronation occurs when the foot turns inward too much and joints loosen. Supination is when the foot turns outward and becomes too rigid and unable to act as a shock to the body. Personally businesses arc supports cradle your feet and hold the foot in the most ideal position, preventing it from rolling too far anyway

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the planter fascia (fibrous tendon along the underside of the foot) become torn, irritated or inflamed. It is very common to feel a sharp pain in your foot on the first step in the morning. Arch supports can help by organizing and supporting the foot in its most ideal position, the dispersion of your body weight properly throughout your feet.

I hope that answers the “Why did I hurt your feet?” Issue, with the added benefit of explaining how personally fit arch supports can alleviate many of the causes of foot pain.

You do not have to live with foot pain, leg and back! Return to benefit from these activities you enjoy doing. With over 300 different models and sizes of the Ark of good foot support, you can wear your favorite shoes again, pain free.

Deano Handt foot was severed and reattached at the age of 17 years of a motorcycle accident. He suffered from terrible Sciatic pain for 20 years after the accident, but started wearing Good Feet Arch support and his pain was gone. He now runs daily and has run 14 marathons.

Good feet a former franchisee, Deano is now a pedorthist and is director of retail sales for stores of good feet, overseeing 150 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Korea.

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