How to tell if someone has Strep Throat

Strep throat is a serious disease often begins with a and can spread to kidney failure. This is a common condition of children, but it can occur in adults as well. It tends to occur in individuals who have large tonsils and convoluted.

One of the first is the sudden onset of sore throat. Throat tend not to be rough and it is not part of the throat that is in the neck but the part of the throat where the tonsils are high in the throat and on one or both sides of the neck. This is often associated with swollen lymph nodes, usually in the side of the neck below the mandible, although you can get swollen glands in the lower aspect of the throat or under the chin. Swollen glands represent inflammation and infection can spread into the lymphatic system that drains the tonsils to the lymph nodes in various parts of the neck.

One of the other symptoms you often see is the sudden onset of high fever. Fever may be easily 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and is associated with chills and sweats. Other types of sore throat, you can get do not usually have high fever you can get with strep throat. Fever with sore throat virus tends to be less than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and is often normal.

Very rarely, you get a voice hoarse with strep throat. Instead you get a “thickly” because of swollen tonsils that interfere with your speech. The vocal cords themselves are rarely involved which means you’ll rarely a hoarse voice or cracked. If you encounter this problem, is not likely to be a strep throat at all, but a case of viral pharyngitis.

You can also rarely cough or nasal congestion with strep throat. These are more typical of a cold virus that affects the throat, nose and chest simultaneously. It is not usually a fever with this kind of condition, while there is usually a high fever with strep throat.

Some cases of strep throat are associated with streptococcal disease of the kidneys. This means that strep throat led to kidney damage from antigens associated with strep throat. Such a condition is called rheumatic fever is a complication and not to treat the strep infection. Some strep infections can lead to rheumatic fever and kidney failure, while the other streptococcal infections are not likely to cause kidney disease and rheumatic fever.

Rheumatic fever can also lead to a red rash that consists of pea-sized lumps under the skin, joints that are inflamed and tender and heart palpitations. The end result, in addition to kidney failure, a valve can be distorted in the heart and death from heart failure. Fortunately, rheumatic fever is a rare disease and has been made less common by the advent of antibiotics strep throat.

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