Summer Activities Weight Loss

Do you hate sports?
I can not lie. A few days ago, I hate having to go to the gym. It’s 80 degrees outside and sunny in the slightest breeze. I want to be there, not in a basement. How do I get my cardio work out? People obsessed with race and forget about all daily activities we like to do also double as intense calorie burners. After reading an article published by the Mayo Clinic in terms of calorie consumption, I decided that I needed to share the best ways to enjoy the sun and burn calories in an hour.

I’m 6’2 “, pasty white, and I’ve never played a real game of basketball in my life. Remember Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in” White Men Can not Jump “? Story of My lives. Many of my friends at school love to head down to the park and play pickup games. We are in West Philadelphia so there’s always a game in progress.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 584
200 pounds: 728
240 pounds: 872

My family used to camp a lot my brother and I were younger. Our boat is still in our platform, but I definitely remember a lot of fun out on the lake and canoe to the best fishing spots. Many of the children I met in regular PA go camping with friends. Not sure I’d trust them on a boat with a rack 30, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 256
200 pounds: 319
240 pounds: 382

Cigars, beer and golf go hand in hand. It’s against-productive to drink while in the heat and play golf, but to each his own. My friends and I are starting to get into reading. It’s a way of cooling for a day out with a little competition. Calories are listed below for making your clubs, but it is also worth only 1 hour of activity. Think how long it takes you to play a trick. Yes, it’s a nice little workout.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 314
200 pounds: 391
240 pounds: 469

I’m not in the woods or anything but many people enjoy walking in nice weather. Personally, I hate being eaten alive. Hiking can be a great workout but because you are different climbing surfaces with different slopes.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 438
200 pounds: 546
240 pounds: 654

Operating at 8 mph
I have a race of mud coming in one week. This is called Muck Ruckus MS and it is for an extraordinary cause. Today I do not run a 7:30 pace on flat surfaces and I sure as hell will not be trucking at this rate in the mud, but the execution is always a good choice for cardio summer.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 861
200 pounds: 1074
240 pounds: 1286

Baseball or softball
Living just across the street from the baseball and softball fields all my life means I have seen my fair share of the adult leagues that play late into the night. These guys and gals are out there having a good time and, when there is little competition in it, exercising decent while catching up with friends.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 365
200 pounds: 455
240 pounds: 545

My pool is not big enough for laps but swimming is an incredible workout. I had never really swam for the year until my second year of college. I thought I would fall in the middle and down through my knees 50m fourth. Of course I sprints … but it was still pretty pathetic. Water has many therapeutic benefits and is an excellent alternative to high-impact cardio activities like running.

Calories burned
160 pounds: 423
200 pounds: 528
240 pounds: 632

How will you Fit?
There is no one right answer to the question “How can I lose fat and / or format?” You need to do activities that interest you, if you want to increase your adherence to your program . If you are afraid of the water you probably will not stick to a routine of swimming very long time. Do what you love, work hard, and you will see results.

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